RTA Solutions


RTA Solutions provides business leaders and IT managers’ independent access to top consulting talent. Our expert consultant provide you with efficient and effective services to deploy best in class technology to receive maximized return on investment. We collaborate strong partnership with various technology providers with common vision to deliver WorkSmart solutions and optimized workflows.



  • ERP Implementation

  • Database Administration

  • Data Analytics and Cognitive Computing

  • Data Masking, Encryption and Security

  • Cloud Computing & Lean Infrastructure

  • Process Profiling and improvement

  • Vendor Management

  • Project Management

  • Custom Solution delivery

  • Enterprise content Management

WorkSmart Solutions


  • Analytics on the GO

  • Cost effective EDI Integration

  • Wearable Solutions for process improvements

  • Handheld devices for Supply Chain

  • RFID for Asset Tracking

  • Operational efficiencies using SmartIVR

  • OCR and Barcode Scanning for Document Management



  • Open Job listings

  • Leadership Development

  • Talent retention program

  • Learn from experts